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We are a top leadership development advisory firm dedicated to helping you become a better leader and your teams higher performing

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We created and use the Best and next practices.

Founder Louis Carter is one of the world’s top 100 executive coaches. He provides one-on-one and team coaching to help those who choose to change and become dedicated to the process of measuring and tracking their performance. We have defined the field of active tracking and brought it to you here in our software


Spapper is designed to help you track your performance through active daily questions where you ask yourself if you did your best to do specific things each day. You can enter questions, add ratings of your individual effort, and watch your progress over time.


Look back at your progress over time, and see the change in your reporting


Give yourself a score on your daily active question


Write and edit your daily active questions. Did you do your best today to be positive? Give your team your best and more? Floss? If you name it, we can track it!


Spapper is not only responsive to all mobile and handheld devices - it is also responsive to your needs as a person who wants to improve!


Select the dates you want to record your answers.


Get the results you want to see for yourself, your peers, and teams.

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